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We started with ourselves.

More than half of BrickCityLive.com readers access site content on mobile. And while our mobile website does a fine job of  displaying our content, we wanted our readers to be able to interact with it in more meaningful ways: by getting alerts, seeing localized events–even getting local transit updates. The Brick City Live mobile app was born.

Now we’re offering this capability to you.

Fostering interaction with our community is what our mobile app is all about. With Brick City Live Apps, you can get the same benefits for yourself and your customers, audience or community.

  • Be right in the hands of your customers, audience or community, no matter what time it is or where they are
  • Initiate action with audiences through push notifications. Websites are great for displaying information, but they require people to take action first.
  • Cut through the nose of social media. Having your own app in the Google Play and iTunes stores will allow you to engage one to one with your customers

The magic of push notifications.

Push notifications are a powerful tool that let your app notify users of new content, events and other updates even when the user is not actively using your application.

  • They get read. Push notifications reach users who have installed your app by appearing on their phone screen like an SMS text message. When the user taps the notification, they are sent directly to your application.
  • They’re targeted. Push notifications can be sent to all users, or a subset of users to give personalized information.
  • They’re user-friendly. Push notifications can offer unique value from the app without the user having to open it.
  • They’re direct. Push notifications let you update your customers or community on your own timetable.



Send push notifications out to your whole audience, or to a specified group for targeted messaging. Selective push notifications will enable you to keep your messages relevant and engaging.


Unlike some other services, we release new system-wide features and updates to you at no additional monthly cost.


Make your messages, videos, and music available with the click of a button. With in-app media, your customers can stay up-to-date with your latest events and other media releases.


Keep people up-to-date with all of your events by creating custom calendars. These events can also be added to your customer’s or community’s smartphone calendar with one click. A great way to boost your attendance!


With our fan walls, your community will be engaging with each other 24/7. They can post pics, leave comments and interact with each other right through your app.


No more missing out on opportunities to connect with people. Have them fill out a digital form and make sure you get all the info you need.


No IT experience or coding required. Our system enables anyone of any level, whether staff or volunteer, to easily manage your app.


Whether your users have iPhone, iPad, Android phone or Android tablet, you’re covered. Update your app’s content and it will sync between all devices as well.


When changes are made to your app’s content or functionality, simply click “publish,” and it goes live across all your users’ devices. This is also a great time to send a push notification to increase app engagement.


With our “Share App” feature, we make it easy for your users to share your app via text, email, or to their social networks.


If you utilize a live streaming service, you can link a feed directly through the app to allow people to stay plugged in even when they can’t make it to your event.


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